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13.4.08 - Strange feelings.

Hello. Today it was a little bit wired. I woke up and the first thing i did was to go to my laptop and watch O.C california. I love this soap. It made me a little bit sad because Johnny died in one episode and there is a song - the song is so great but it always made me so sad und i listened to it very long and i had such strange feelings but i couln'd stop to listend.

 But later on Katzi - one of my best friends - called me that she's back from her holliday in spain. I was really exiceted and so we met in the park. We talked a lot and she told me a lot about barcelona. She even gave me a little present - it was a little hello kitty handy thing. it's so cute. It's now on my keyes.

Together we met tiny in sehllys weed land. It's the name we gave the forest there - i know it's a strange name but i like it. We talked long and made fun of all. 


in the evening i went home and surfed in the HTB board a little bit und then Luki picked me up and we drove to martin. I was a little bit sad because luki was a little bit bitchy - but not in a bad way - but i thought it was bad and so i was sad and i listened to the song - snow from rhcp. its a beautiful son. At martins we had a lot of fun, we joked much and i was fighting with paul. I love to punch paul xD its just funny ya know. Then they where doing that what they ever do - i don't want to write it down but i think when i read this later i will know what i mean when i say -> tante berta. xD greeni and so. I hate this but luki is so nice i didn't because of me.

when we drove home he was a little bit bitchy and i was a little bit bitchy und so i was a little bit crying because of nothing.. i have this sometimes . cry because of nothing only if someone is saying shit to me. i dunno why this is .. im only very emotionful.


so.. this was my day.. and i havn't learned since yet. shit.. i will get bad marks when i go so on. tztz.


i love luki. so much.. 

my msn status is now: 


haha .. i like this.


and i was a little bit poetrisch. xD

Wenn es ein Wort gäbe, welches meine Liebe zu {.IHM.} beschreiben könnte, dann würde ich es ihm sagen - nur leider habe ich bis heute noch kein passendes gefunden


i love luki.. and my friends. ♥



13.4.09 23:55

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