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2. April 2008 - Happy Easter

Now i made my first entry. Why i do this? .. Hm.. i know i won't write a lot in here, but i think its funny to reade things later gain when I'm older.. like a diary or something.

 Today is Easter. I get some new things for my bracelet from Thomas Sabo. I Love the Charm Club collection verry much. 

We ate at my grannies place.. the food was quiet good.. 

in the morning i woke up. at lukis place.. yes we head already fun again in the morning.. i hope you know what fun means.. xD


I 'll not gonna do more than sitting in front of the fucking laptop und chat around or play role play games.. i have nothing better to do.. 


why do i write in english?? ... I think .. it's funnier... i dunno... i like english very much.. so.. .haha. 

12.4.09 17:16

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